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Wholesale Jewelry On-Line Catalog - Native American & Contemporary Sterling Silver

Wholesale Jewelry On-Line Catalog - Sterling Silver Blue & White Opals

Wholesale Jewelry On-Line Catalog - Native American Indian Sterling Silver

Wholesale Jewelry On-Line Catalog - Biker Rings & Belt Buckles

Wholesale Jewelry On-Line Catalog - Biker, Chopper & American Price Belt Buckles

Wholesale Jewelry On-Line Catalog - Fashion & Costume Rings, Earrings, Bracelets & More





Wholesale Jewelry Catalogs

We include free wholesale jewelry catalogs, where appropriate, when we ship your order.  If you would like order just catalogs, without ordering jewelry, we charge enough to recover our costs (shipping & handling for all catalog orders, whether it is for 1 or all 5 or our catalogs, is $5.00). We give you a credit for the amount of the catalogs purchased and apply it to your next order.

Sensational Designs in Sterling Silver - A large selection of Indian handcrafted and contemporary sterling silver. Indian handcrafted opal, turquoise, malachite, coral, onyx, pink mussel and garnet earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. Contemporary Celtic and "Heart of Gold" sets of rings, earrings and necklaces. Liquid silver, sterling cuff bracelets, baby rings and bracelets, money clips, men's rings and more. All the jewelry is presented in sets but priced individually to give you the most flexibility.  Click here to see the catalog on-line.  (Item# SDSSCAT - 12 pages - $5.00)

Opals & Southwestern Sterling Silver Jewelry - A small but amazing collection of sterling silver, liquid silver, opals, turquoise and Zuni inspired stone designs (all lab grown/synthetic). Because we use local suppliers exclusively, we can offer this spectacular jewelry at prices that can't be beat! The blue and white opals sparkle and the Zuni designs will keep your customers coming back!!  Click here to see the catalog on-line. (Item# OSSCAT - 4 pages - $3.00)

Indian Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry - A presentation of time-tested of Native American handcrafted Southwestern sterling silver designs. This will impress all who like the traditionally fashioned jewelry containing genuine stones. A selection of turquoise, coral, malachite, onyx and pink mussel shell pieces for BOTH women and men. Featured pieces include earrings, rings, pendants, hair clips, watch bands, money clips, necklaces, bracelets and more. Quality and prices that can't be beat and are right for every merchant!!  Click here to see the catalog on-line.   (Item# SWSSCAT - 34 pages - $7.00)


Biker, Bolos & More - Just what every biker loves to wear!! Everything from Skull and Cross Bones to serpent slave bracelets. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the new sections introducing an impressive assortment of bolos and buckle/bolo sets. The Biker jewelry is GREAT but you've got to see what we mean by "Bolos and More..."!!  Click here to see the catalog on-line. (Item# BBMCAT - 28 pages - $5.00)


American Designs - Belt Buckles - An exciting selection of "All American" styles -- everything from Biker and "Chopper" to Military and Western buckles.  Great quality and unbeatable prices for "made in the U.S.A." belt buckles.  Antique Western belt buckles for only $3.63!!  Get the information you need to stock and profit from hugely popular "Western Initial" buckles. Did you know that only 14 letters account for 90% of all Initial buckle sales?   Click here to see the catalog on-line. (Item# ADBCAT - 8 pages - $3.00)


Turquoise Treasures - This 8 1/2" x 11" full color catalog contains actual size pictures of gold and rhodium plated rings with genuine color and turquoise inlay work. A HUGE selection of earrings, bolo ties and belt buckles. It also has a broad selection of copper plated earrings, necklaces and genuine copper cuff bracelets. This high-quality, budget-priced jewelry will deliver the margins your business needs!!  Click here to see the catalog on-line.   (Item# LC - 30+ pages - $7.00)

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